The Training for Warriors Program in Cornelius, NC is unlike any other program in a Lake Norman training facility. All of our members are inspired to make permanent lifestyle changes through this safe and proven training system. Training for Warriors is a way of life, not just exercise!

21Day Fat Loss ChallengeIn the Training for Warriors (“TFW”) program at Champion Sports Performance in Cornelius, North Carolina, all of our members lose fat, gain strength, and feel great, in our positive and supportive environment. We are one big “Familia” of fit and strong people that work together to support each other. Not everyone is fit when they start, but everyone improves dramatically over time.

TFW works because it is safe, academically and scientifically designed, and Coached by true professionals whose mission is to teach and inspire. Champions and TFW offer a completely different atmosphere than your stale old health club. TFW was originally designed by Martin Rooney to train professional athletes in every sport. The U.S. Military, numerous NFL teams, and multiple MMA World Champions use TFW, just to name a few examples. Our detailed warmups prevent injury, and our strength program builds power and mobility. This foundation allows all our students to lose fat, get strong, and feel great safely.

Learn more about Martin Rooney and TFW at  Martin is now a Lake Norman area resident, having relocated to Cornelius with his wife and four daughters in 2013.

Over 18,000 students train in over 225 TFW facilities in 30 countries each day. TFW is Global and Growing, and Champions is the true home of TFW. We offer a free week trial for everyone, so you have not risk to coming in and seeing what it is about.

To sign up for this results-driven program or to find out when it’s offered, contact us at Champions Sports Performance today. We look forward to helping you channel your inner warrior at our training facility.


Classes Offered Daily!