at Champions Sports Performance in Cornelius, NC

img_1428Functional strength training in the Training for Warriors program (no machines here!) establishes an athletic foundation that enables our students to lose fat quickly and safely. Our coaches are beside you for every rep. Absolutely…strong is the new skinny!

In the Training for Warriors Adult Training program at Champions, we train with high intensity and move fast (sprint!) to burn fat. This is true HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), but unlike all other HIIT programs, TFW does it correctly. Most boot camps or personal trainers call their workouts HIIT, but are simply picking random exercises, skipping the “Interval” part, and thus eliminating the “intensity” part.

nicoleTo move fast, you have to get your body ready to move fast. Our intense and detailed warmups are step one in this process, getting you ready and keeping you safe. Step two is strength training, which will increase power production and joint mobility. We use a total body and core engaged system to help our students make serious strength gains. It is not uncommon for our female students to double the number of pushups they can do, or go from zero chin ups to five or more in just a few months. Our guys do the same thing, lifting heavy and setting PR’s on a regular basis. When you get stronger, you will look better, getting the lean muscle, tone, and shape you desire.

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