Jackie Rivera

TFW Member since Summer 2017

"She is down 23lbs. Her son is training here. It's a great success story." -Greg O'Connor

"I really love coming to the building. It's very energetic when I get in here, everyone cheers you on. I haven't found a place like this until coming to Champions..." -Jackie Rivera

L'Tanya Perry

TFW Member since February 2016

"She came in in the low 30's in body fat percent and is now down to 22% body fat. She is down 15lbs and added 5lbs of muscle." -Greg O'Connor

"When I go out I feel happier, the stress level is down..." - L'Tanya Perry

Kathleen Lewis

TFW Member since 2015

"I was not an athlete growing up or in school, so I knew it would be difficult and it would push me. That's what I needed." -Kathleen Lewis