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Youth Sports Performance and Athletic Training: Concentrate Your Training!

kids trainingAs the school year gets into full swing and everyone settles into their school routines, I’d like to deliver a message to all of you who have aspirations for your kids to play their sports at a higher level, or just have them become healthier and more athletic for the rest of their lives. This message is . . . CONCENTRATE YOUR TRAINING!

What this means, in the hectic world of year-round sports, fitness programs, and activities, is that to truly make significant athletic and confidence gains, you must prioritize TRAINING over playing for at least two, if not three or more months a year. This means getting your child into a credible athletic training program AT LEAST 3 times a week, if not 4 or 5. Yes, your child may make limited gains in athleticism training occasionally, but we all know youth sports are getting more competitive every year and, as I have said many times before, the path to increased athleticism and confidence is to TRAIN MORE and PLAY LESS. Champions has been around for over 4 years now. We have seen the results of the kids whose families make this type of commitment and the results are off the charts. The Parisi Training System has been empowering kids for 21 years and Bill Parisi will deliver you the exact same message I have here. CONCENTRATE YOUR TRAINING!


kids summer trainingChampions has trained thousands of kids and we have been successful in our mission to provide a great experience for every customer every time. This being said, we have literally hundreds of kids that no longer train with us. So, parents, your kid(s) got faster and had a great experience, but you stopped. For sure we are a “cool” place, and many families came in because it was the cool thing to do. That is missing the whole point! Giving your kids the opportunity to train and be healthy for a lifetime . . . What is more important than that? Think about this carefully as you load up your kid’s schedule. What is the long-term benefit for each activity you have scheduled for your child . . . particularly this summer? We say dial it down, simplify, and train! Stop for a moment and think seriously about your goals for your kids. You will find that many of your long-term goals for your kids can be targeted and attained through the positive training experience your kids will get at Champions Sports Performance.


The Parisi Speed School is the only active, expanding, and empowering youth training system in the country today. The Parisi System is one of empowerment. Yes, we train kids so that they will have more success in their chosen sports, but what we really want to do is train kids for a lifetime of health and confidence. Here is a quick rundown of what Paris Speed School has accomplished in its history: over one million kids trained, 150+ NFL draft choices created, Olympians made in every sport, tens of thousands of college athletes created, hundreds of state championships won, 7 current NFL players that started with Parisi when they were seven years old (ever hear of a guy named Greg Olsen?), and the list goes on.


Speed is a skill, and it is not complicated as to what has to happen from a physical and mechanical standpoint to get faster. We know every personal trainer out there with an online certification thinks they can make kids faster, but they have no system, no focal points, and no formal process of engagement. We break speed down into specific linear and lateral classes, each with their own specific drills, focal points, and definitions. Our kids learn why they are doing each drill. Youth speed training classes have structure, focus, energy, and camaraderie. The last component in the program is strength training. Science tells us that kids reap huge benefits from strength training from an early age. Done properly, by professionals that are certified to handle young children in the weight room, strength training is a true game changer prior to puberty. We do not exercise here at Champions, we train. Parents, you should know the difference. More speed and strength will lead to more success in all sports, from volleyball, football and soccer, to baseball, softball, and lacrosse.


Parents, it is up to you. We all want our kids to succeed, but we rarely narrow it down to just a few things that need to be done to ensure they are on the path to happiness and health long-term. It is time to fight back against “busy” and the unhealthy ways in which most Americans stick to these days. Decision + Action = Results . . . NOW. Come see what we do here at Champions Sports Performance in Cornelius, North Carolina. We are one of the top youth sports performance training facilities in the country, and we are right here in your backyard!

Greg O’Connor, Owner, Champions Sports Performance.