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The Benefits of Sprinting for Muscle Growth & Weight Loss

sprinting workoutSprinting Workout to Build Muscle and Lose Fat

Whenever I produce training content for people, it is always my hope that they will find it not only insightful, but also useful.

Since so many of you write in with questions about sprinting, I felt compelled to go a little deeper into the topic.

Even though I think you would be hard-pressed to find someone who disagrees that sprinting IS a great exercise, I am still often asked WHY this is true.

Why sprinting is beneficial and is such a great exercise?

Most trainees aren’t doing any speed work, and it’s a shame. Yes, they lift, but lifting weights and then sitting on the couch is incomplete in my opinion.

This is because you’re missing a vital part: sprinting. Sprinting, a long, long time ago, used to be mandatory. If you couldn’t sprint, it meant you’d be the first one who got chowed down on. You were the slowest one in the herd, and you’d get weeded out.

img_3952Sprinting, Muscle Growth, and Weight Loss

Not only does sprinting get your nervous system fired up, but it also releases endorphins and growth hormones and activates muscle fibers that would otherwise be dormant.

That means triggering muscle growth and burning fat, all while doing something you were always intended to do!  So I believe the longer you go without performing this activity, the closer you get to the big “dirt nap”.  Hey, it’s not nasty; it’s nature.

Get Your Sprint On…

As I mentioned, sprinting works a ton of the body’s musculature, fires up fast twitch fibers, and can help burn fat. Who wouldn’t want to look like an Olympic sprinter anyway? 

So instead of ignoring the obvious, stop walking on the treadmill and move. If you haven’t sprinted in a while, however, common sense is key.

I may have you inspired to sprint, but going out for the first time since high school and trying to rip off ten 100-meter sprints will probably help you rip off both hammies instead.

Just like you wouldn’t throw 400 lbs. onto the bar for your opening bench workout, you must ease into the sprinting. This is not only true for you, but for your clients.

Sprinting Workout

Here is a quick way to fulfill your need for speed without getting hurt.

Step 1: After a good 20 minute warm-up (like the one you learned at TFW L1), hit six 10-meter sprints. Yes, just 6!

Step 2: The next day or two, see how you feel. If that was okay, rest two days, and then move the distance out to 20 meters, and hit 6 of those.

Step 3: Continue to make sure you get a day of rest between workouts, and over the next 4-6 weeks, eventually work up to 40 meters as a maximum distance and then learn to control your intensity.

Note: So, the first few times you run 40s, start at 60% and undulate intensity according to your plan for weeks after that. 40s will work your body like you can’t imagine and have you thinking about those high school days. All you need is 6-8 of them per workout a couple times a week (and again, use common sense).

Although the sprinting workout above is a start, you may feel you need more information.  The good news?  This is a big portion of the TFW Level 2 Online Certification, which covers this topic in depth to give you the skills and confidence to safely add sprinting to your programs.

If you are Level 1 Certified and want to take your speed and strength game to the next level, you need to get Level 2 Certified.

The Wrap

There is something about the feeling of running a good sprint.  Maybe it gets us more connected to what we were designed for or reminds us how our bodies were supposed to be challenged, but I know it works.

Science will tell you sprints burn more fat and pack on muscle.  I am not sure what other two things you are looking for, but that seems like a great place to start.

Sprint On!

If you need a good speed training sprint program, don’t hesitate to reach out to Champions and we can improve your sprinting technique, help you burn fat and gain muscle!