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Champions Youth Strength Training Success Stories, Nick Casalino: Just Giving Us His All Every Time!

First, you see a kid who, in a boot for five weeks, chose to come to Champions anyway and train in our youth strength training program. He warmed up on the bike, did shoulder mobility, and our staff modified the workouts for him. You see a kid with desire to get better. As Nick’s dad, Mike, says, “He gets out of the car with a ‘Game On’ attitude.”

Second, you see a kid who just turned 12. He is obviously proficient in the strength drills you see (more on that later), but that is only because Nick came consistently over a three-month period last winter to lay the groundwork for what you see now. We have preached many times as loud as possible that youth strength training, done properly, only at Champions, prior to the completion of puberty, is the scientifically proven method to get more speed, power, and better body composition post-puberty and beyond. Put another way . . . Want your kid to play sports in high school or beyond? You better get in the weight room at a young age. Nick has done that.

Third, Nick, through his focus and attention to coaching points, has flawless technique. This technique allows him to develop the mobility and flexibility to become more explosive on the field. Notice the depth of the squat with no compromise in posture and the finish on the overhead press . . . “Head in the Hole!” as we say. He has mastered these movement patterns.

Lastly, for our part, we provide the staff, programing, and facility that have led to thousands of success stories. Mike added as well, “The staff and facility made us decide to bring Nick to Champions. Once I entered the building, I could just feel the energy and buzz from the staff. Just get in the door and meet the staff!”

It will be exciting to see where Nick takes his training. At this stage, he is easily one of our top 12-year-old athletes in Cornelius, NC, but more importantly, he is now built and trained to succeed in years to come.