Olsen-Champions Back to Basics Football Camp

 June 19-23   –   9:00am-12:00pm  –  $175   –    Located at Charlotte Country Day School

July 10-14 – 9:00am-12:00pm – $175 – Located at Hough High School

“If you want to get better, You need to get BACK TO BASICS!” Coach Chris Olsen. 
We are so grateful for the support we received last year and look forward to an even bigger and better year for our 2017 Back to Basic Camps. Yes, There are TWO OPTIONS THIS YEAR! Last year’s camp sold out in six days, so follow the instructions carefully to save your spot, and we will see you on the field.

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Softball Camp

July 17-21 – August 7-11 – 10:00am-11:30am – $150   – Ages 10-15

Develop an edge as a softball athlete! This camp will combine the Top Speed Training Program in the Country, The Parisi Training System, with the learning of softball specific movement patterns associated with catching, throwing and hitting. Attendees will also be introduced to proper strength training techniques that will be crucial to power development. This Camp will be Coached by Megan Hillard, Sr. Performance Coach, and Four Year Starter at UNC Pembroke. Megan has mentored dozens of local softball players of all ages to success on the field.

Spots are Limited, so get your calendar out and do not miss this opportunity!




Pre-Season Soccer Speed & Agility Camp

July 24-27   –   6:00pm-7:30pm    –    $125   –   Ages 12-17

Get in Shape…Get Faster…Get Ready! Champions Sports Performance, one of the Top Athletic Training Centers in the Country, is excited to offer a pre-season Speed and Conditioning Program for all LKN Area Soccer Players.

Athletes will learn the same speed and agility techniques that have been used with 154 NFL Draft Picks and Tens of Thousands of College Athletes. Techniques in Acceleration, Top Speed, and Agility will be covered. Athletes will also participate in conditioning workouts used by the worlds top athletes, from Navy Seals, to Carolina Panthers, to MMA World Champions!





Champions Speed and Agility Summer Camp

June 12-16    –     July 17-21   –   August 21-25    –   1:00pm-4:00pm   –    $175  –  Ages 8-14

This camp is the complete package of immersive athletic training and mentoring that will inspire each participant to reach their potential. You can put your kid in a vast array of camps this summer, but only this camp will leave a lifelong impression. Participants will learn the speed and agility techniques that have been used by 154 NFL Draft Choices, Olympians in Every Sports and Tens of Thousands of Collegiate Athletes. Champions is one of the top youth sports performance training centers in the country, having been named 2016 Parisi Speed School Franchise of the Year. A complete curriculum of speed, agility, strength, and confidence building will be delivered by Champions Award Winning Staff. See You Here!